How to filter microplastics from water?

water poured into glass from a plastic bottle

Even the cleanest tap water comes loaded with millions of microplastics particles that can interrupt hormones and wreak havoc on your health. Determining how to filter microplastics from water in your home is essential to your family’s health. Unfortunately many common water filters from the store or in your fridge are not rated for filtering … Read more

Which Is The Best Mortar and Pestle?

The Ancient Tool That Will Complete Your Kitchen Mortars and pestles have been around since the stone age, and even though hundreds if not thousands of kitchen tools have been invented since then, they still can fill an essential role in your kitchen. They are a very simple construction: a small bowl (mortar) and a … Read more

Best marble cutting boards: Our top picks

A marble cutting board is certainly an uncommon sight in a home kitchen but this unconventional cutting board material is not without merit. It comes down to three main benefits: food safety/hygiene, aesthetics and being naturally non-stick. Consider the following factors on deciding which marble cutting board is for you. Food safety Nothing beats a … Read more