Are Wusthof Knives Dishwasher Safe?

No, Wusthof knives are not dishwasher safe. The dishwasher will dull the blades of any high quality knife, because the blades rub against the plastic basket. The knives can also damage your dishwasher and shorten the life of that appliance as well. Also, it’s just not safe to try to grab knives that sharp from … Read more

Best Plastic Free Electric Kettle 2021

Electric kettles are an extremely convienent small appliance in your kitchen, and likely are a part of your daily caffeine fix. Unfortunately, most electric kettles are made out of plastic. By now, the harmful effects of plastic on your body and the environment are widely known. Plastic exposure over time has been linked to birth … Read more

Is Le Creuset Made In China?

Yes, some Le Creuset pieces are made in China. Though, this isn’t a quick yes or no answer. All Le Creuset cast iron pieces are still made in the original foundry in France. The non-stick bakeware and cookware are made in China. The stainless steel pieces are made in Portugal. The stoneware pieces are made … Read more

Best Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2021

Looking for a new plastic free coffee maker? This is a complete overview on the best plastic free coffee makers for every brew style. By now the harmful effects of plastic on your body and the environment are widely known. Plastic is not biodegradable which means it stays in our environment forever, and breaks down … Read more

Do Vitamix Blades Get Dull?


Do Vitamix Blades Dull? The quick answer is no, Vitamix blades do not dull, because Vitamix blades aren’t very sharp to begin with. Unlike lesser quality blenders, Vitamix blades don’t need to be sharp because the blender’s powerful motor does all the hard work to pulverize the contents. Blenders like the Ninja come with very … Read more

All-Clad 4112 vs 41126: The one difference

The All-Clad 41126 stainless steel pan comes with a lid while the All-Clad 4112 does not. Yes, that is the only difference between these two models. Despite what you might have read online about All-Clad 4112 vs 41126 being different pans, the truth is that All-Clad has confusingly decided to name and market the same … Read more

Best Non-Toxic Muffin Pan 2021

Finding the best non-toxic muffin pan can be a serious challenge. I spent so much time searching and was surprised how limited the choices are. Many muffin pans are made with toxic and just plain outdated non-stick coatings, and unfortunately many of my go-to brands for healthy cookware and bakeware don’t make muffin or cupcake … Read more