Do Vitamix Blades Get Dull?

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Do Vitamix Blades Dull?

The quick answer is no, Vitamix blades do not dull, because Vitamix blades aren’t very sharp to begin with. Unlike lesser quality blenders, Vitamix blades don’t need to be sharp because the blender’s powerful motor does all the hard work to pulverize the contents. Blenders like the Ninja come with very sharp blades right out of the box, but then they dull after use. Since the Ninja’s motor is not comparable to the Vitamix’s, the blender becomes useless over time as the blades dull. 

New Vitamixes have a 7-10 year warranty that cover repairs, replacements, and full service inspections. Blade sharpening is not covered under warranty, and Vitamix will not sharpen the blades. This is because it’s probably unneeded. You can, however, send it in for a full service inspection free of charge to keep it working its best if you feel something may be off. 

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