Best Plastic Free Electric Kettle 2022

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Electric kettles are an extremely convienent small appliance in your kitchen, and likely are a part of your daily caffeine fix. Unfortunately, most electric kettles are made out of plastic. By now, the harmful effects of plastic on your body and the environment are widely known. Plastic exposure over time has been linked to birth defects, cancer, endocrine disruption, impaired immunity and reproductive and developmental consequences [1]. A simple swap to a plastic free electric kettle will greatly reduce your day-to-day exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Many popular kettles claiming to be plastic free have plastic lids or other small parts that still come in contact with boiling water. Fortunately, there are a few good, completely plastic-free options. I’ve searched high and low and have a very hardline rule: no water can come into contact with plastic ever. Period. Below you’ll find the best plastic free electric kettle for your lifestyle and budget. You’ll notice that this list is paired down, because I truly feel these are the absolute safest and best plastic free electric kettles out there.

Best Plastic Free Electric Kettle: Quick Comparison

 Miroco AscotMegawise 
Volume1.5 L1.6 L1.8 L
Interior MaterialStainless SteelBorosilicate Glass & Stainless SteelBorosilicate Glass & Stainless Steel
Boil Speed6-7 minutes3-4 minutes8-9 minutes
Automatic Shutoff?

Best Design: Ascot Glass Electric Tea Kettle

First, the Ascot Glass Electric Tea Kettle is by far the best looking on the market. The sleek design will make you want to display it on your counter. It also is made with durable borosilicate glass and stainless steel with no plastic touching the boiling water. This is the priciest of the bunch, as you’re likely paying extra for that great aesthetic sensibility. The Ascot boils water very fast, which is another premium feature.

Most Economical: MegaWise 1500W Electric Kettle

The MegaWise 1500W Electric Kettle has the largest volume of my picks, and it is the least expensive. The borosilicate glass and stainless steel interior ensure that it is a safe choice. This is a great choice for anyone, but keep in mind that it has the slowest boiling speed, if that matters to you.

Best Overall: Cosori Electric Kettle 

Lastly, the Cosori Electric Kettle will be sure to please just about anyone. The interior is all safe glass and stainless steel, and boils water at a decent time. It’s still very affordable, and just gets the job done with no fuss. It also features an LED light indicator that tells you when the water is ready.


In conclusion, any of these three electric kettles will surely please. They all have automatic shutoff and are made out of safe materials. The Cosori is the best overall, as it is affordable and fast. The Ascot should be your pick if you care about countertop aesthetics, and go with the MegaWise if affordability and volume are your concerns.

Check out other ways to reduce your contact with harmful plastics by using plastic free tea bags, and plastic free coffee makers.



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