All-Clad 4112 vs 41126: The one difference

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The All-Clad 41126 stainless steel pan comes with a lid while the All-Clad 4112 does not. Yes, that is the only difference between these two models. Despite what you might have read online about All-Clad 4112 vs 41126 being different pans, the truth is that All-Clad has confusingly decided to name and market the same pan under two different model numbers depending on whether it comes with a lid or not. To make matters worse, currently the Amazon listings for these two models have very different titles and descriptions. Amazon refers to the All-Clad 41126 as part of the D3, while only saying that the All-Clad 4112 is “tri-ply stainless steel.” 

All-Clad 4112 vs 41126: Mythbusting

Pan depth

A common claim made about the differences between the All-Clad 4112 and 41126 is that the 41126 is a deeper pan– this is not true. They’re exactly the same pan.


Since these two models are the same, the claims that the 41126 is a higher quality line is obviously untrue. Don’t be fooled!

All-Clad 41126 Lid

The 41126 comes with a stainless steel flat top lid with a riveted steel handle. For trapping moisture and heat the lid is quite useful. Using a lid, especially a stainless steel one, will help in situations where you’d like to keep food warm or to melt cheese on top of a burger.

The choice is lid or no lid; that is the only thing you should be thinking about when deciding between these two All-Clad models.

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