Is scratched Corningware safe to use? It depends…

An unfortunate kitchen mishap leaves your prized Corningware scratched or worse– we’ve all been there. But should you keep using it or is it time to toss? According to the official Corningware it depends on how severe the damage is, they write: “Do not use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked or severely scratched.

Dangers of using chipped or damaged Corningware

Corningware is not like certain other cookware materials such as Teflon where surface scratches can expose you to dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. Corningware uses glass-ceramics which are entirely non-toxic inside and out. The danger of using damaged Corningware products comes from potentially reduced structural integrity that could result in sudden shattering. Exposure to intense heat or cold and especially large temperature swings like taking a bowl straight from the oven and putting it into the fridge increase the likelihood of shattering.

Is scratched Corningware safe?

Scratched Corningware poses no threat as long as the scratches are cosmetic and do not indicate serious structural damage. Use your best judgement when deciding whether the scratch seriously threatens the integrity of the ceramicware. Ceramicware with deep scratches that extend beyond the glossy coating are potential hazards and should not be used.

Is chipped Corningware safe?

As Corningware states themselves, serious cracks or chips is not safe to use or repair. However, these guidelines are a precaution against potential cutting injuries from sudden shattering which is fairly rare. There’s no need for paranoia about your ceramicware “exploding” as some sensationalist headlines and reviews claim.

Rules for using Corningware safely

Inspect before use

Inspect the outside of your cookware for chips, major scratches or other structural damage. Never use ceramic cookware that has serious damage that might result in shattering or cutting injuries.

Wear safety equiptment

The risk of both burns and cutting injuries are very real dangers in the kitchen. You should always handle heated ceramic cookware with hot mitts and wear closed toed shoes to prevent stepping on ceramic shards in case of shattering.

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